Bismuth is one of the most unknown, mysterious element in the Periodic Table. Bismuth heals is a video-work uncovering its debatable powers.

From scientists looking into its many uses in the world to spiritualists in the crystal community praising its healing properties, YouTube has been the main source of information in the research for what Bismuth is.

Together with Melina Vgenopoulou and Ies van Bussel we looked into how these communities view the metal and applied a light satirical layer on our 1-week project into the healing powers of Bismuth: from treating diarrhea in Pepto-Bismol to aiding loneliness and reaching higher cosmic levels of meditation.

The posters were digitally placed as advertising in the top ranked loneliest cities. Contrasting the dense population, traffic and overwhelming consumer culture, Bismuth mystifies these well-known corners of urban environment, bringing the voices of the gurus in the space of Times Square.