Only Eighteen is an interview-based documentary of my father's experience in the compulsory army training, during the Communist regime in Romania.

I have always been fascinated by my father’s stories of being part of a historic revolution. Living around the memory of Communism and its still visible implications in my country I wanted to explore what 1989 meant to him. What fascinated me about the impact this documentary had on the audience, is that it evoked different responses according to where people were from.

Fellow viewers from post-soviet countries recognized the propaganda tones in the musical breaks without knowing Romanian, while people unfamiliar with that visual language were more intrigued by the history they were never taught in school. On a larger scale, this documentary explores the themes of alienation, regret, indoctrination, and the power of the media.

This project was part of the programme for the first event of Isle Of Films - The Movie Hub (January 2021).