Sulina Type Archive is a visual playground for discovering the forgotten, multi-cultural vernacular typography of Sulina.

This type-collection was started by Andrei and Ana, two graphic designers that met in Sulina during S.TO.R.Y. - Youth Visions on a Future  Cosmopolitan Society at the Black Sea, organized by Euxine, The Utopian Society.

We took over 300 photos over a week while visiting the town. Different alphabets were present everywhere: from the letters on buildings' walls to the signatures in ancient documents.

Capturing this linguistic diversity took us to many surprising places, as the cemetery, where we found inscriptions preserved on epitaphs, and the port, where ships were painted with different kinds of informative and playful type.
What we discovered is that typography can tell you many different stories. Stories of unity, peace, and diversity. Stories of a cosmopolitan community that
coexisted years ago.


Photos by Andrei Lela & Ana-Maria Gușu
Archival pictures and documents by Mr. Comârzan (Expozitia Sulina Veche)
Layout Design by Ana-Maria Gușu
Illustrations by Andrei Lelo
Special thanks to Carmen Casiuc & Cristina Bută for giving us the opportunity to be part of S.T.O.R.Y.